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Email Verification

What is email verification?

Email verification is a service that identifies an email address validity and checks whether it belongs to a real person.

The main purpose of email verification is to ensure that a real person having a valid email address will receive your sent email.

In other words, Email Verification helps clean up your email lists to improve deliver-ability, identifies possible bounces and spam traps, helping you reach your actual customers.

Why do I need to verify it?

Email is the most preferred and economical method of sending messages and communicating with the rest of the world. Apart from being economical, it is very fast too, the recipient receives the emails instantly.

There are various reasons, which prohibit an email from reaching its proper receiver. The most probable reasons can be the individual might has changed their email address, or no longer using it or the domain of the inbox provider is no longer valid or the company to whom the email belongs may have closed or any other reason.

So when you send emails to a non-existing email address, it will increase the chances of your sender IPs will be blacklisted, or your email sending account will be blocked if you are using any 3rd party service provider.

Email Verification will improve your sender reputation and help you to get better email delivery results. And you don’t have to waste your precious time and money on those non-existing IDs.

Hence, the email verification will become the most important process in your email sending.

Why I need to verify

Which email verification service I need to choose?

Many verification tools are available online which can help in the email verification. The main purpose of these services is to verify the email addresses.

There are numerous services, which aims in providing this service. EmailVer is one of them to provide such service and preferred by many users due to accuracy and economical pricing structure.

Email verification is very much essential, especially in case of lead generation since you do not want to lose any of your leads due to a typo or due to other reasons. Any lead can be your potential client.

Any business that sends emails to its users soon finds themselves in a situation where they need to verify their email addresses. Whether it be to lower the bounces, prevent fake account sign-ups by using the temporary email accounts, prevent spam traps, or just keep their email list update by removing the old email addresses from their mailing lists.

How exactly does email verification work?

EmailVer’s email verification process works in 3 stages as follows.

  • Duplicate and Syntax check: In this first stage of validation we removed all the duplicate IDs present in your database along with improper syntax IDs (i.e. contact@emailvercom ), syntax checker will check whether an email address format is correct or not— no spaces, commas, and all the @s, dots, and domain extensions are in the right place.
  • Invalid Domain and Disposable email check: In the second stage of the email verification process. Domain check allows you to be sure the domain name the email address is hosted on actually exists, we will check the MX record of each domain of identifying its validity, and then we will check the domain is part of the temporary domain provider or not for the disposable IDs check.
  • Valid, Invalid, and Catch-All IDs check: In this last and most sophisticated stage of email verification. We will ping each email address with an EHLO message, then awaiting the response from the recipient’s email server. The received server-response will confirm the email address exists on the server and is active.
Email Verification -How it works?

What is email list scrubbing?

Email list scrubbing means to remove people who will never be going to interact or open your emails.

Scrubbing will not only reduce the size of your list, but it will improve the list’s overall success too.

A classic example of quality over quantity scenario.

By removing non-engaged subscribers, you might scrub your email list of anyone who hasn’t engaged with one of your emails in 90 days, for instance.

You should send emails to only those who interact, open, click, or reply to your campaigns.

Keeping your lists hygienic by scrubbing them should be an integral part of your email marketing.

We recommend you scrub your lists from time to time.

Email List Scrubbing

How to scrub your email list?

  • Segment your list into active and inactive data
  • Clean inactive emails through a list cleaning tool
  • Send re-engagement campaigns to your subscribers
  • Finally, remove inactive subscribers from your list

When should you scrub your email list?

  • A sudden drop in your open or click-through rate on your recent campaigns.
  • An unusually high number of unsubscribed.
  • An increase in spam complaints on your email campaigns.
So, if you have a paying a lot to your ESP, you can save money by cleaning your list.

It has multiple other benefits as well such as higher open rates, more clicks, and, ultimately, more sales.

So how can you improve your list hygiene?

  1. Email list verifier
    You don’t want to continuously send emails to invalid email addresses because this can hurt your delivery metrics, especially your delivery rates. The best method to counter this situation and maintain your list hygiene to use an email list verifier. It will automatically check every address before sending any emails and improve your list hygiene.
  2. Remove inactive subscribers
    It’s a good idea to remove inactive subscribers from your list from time to time. Many sender remove subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked on their emails. Subscribers who aren’t opening your messages are not valuable to you, and if they stop reading your messages, they may forget why you are sending them and mark your messages as spam.
  3. Segment rather than delete
    If you are sending emails daily, try weekly or monthly emails instead. Also, consider adding in an existing offer or content that is relevant to them and will capture your audience’s attention. This is why personalizing the message is so important!
    Keep segmented your data of active and non-active subscribers to gain more benefits from your list.
  4. Avoid the spam filter and spam traps
    The main reason of not getting higher delivery rate is the spam filters, it could be because of your email content (subject line, link present in email), hence many senders no considering list cleaning so not only they will able to verify the list, but they will be able to remove the spam traps present inside their list.
How to improve list hygiene

Is your bounce rate higher than average?

Your average email bounce rate tells you the percentage of emails that were not delivered to your recipients. Your undelivered emails can be grouped into two different categories, i.e. soft bounces and hard bounces.

If you are getting a higher bounce rate than usual so, you must take further steps to take it down under the acceptable threshold.

What is an acceptable email bounce rate?

The accepted threshold for bounced emails may vary and it would be somewhere between 2 to 5%.

This means for every 100 emails you send, 2-5 will be returned to you.

It might just be a temporary problem that resolves itself in your next email send, although if you notice a bounce rate greater than 5%, you need to take immediate steps and consider the option to clean your list.

How many spam complaints are you getting?

Spam complaints can happen even to good marketers who are sending to opt-in email lists only.

The complaint ratio used to be underestimated, but recent research shows that 27% of deliver-ability issues were caused by a lot of spam complaints.

The complaint rate is calculated as the number of reports as spam complaints out of emails sent.

For example, the 0.1 – 0.3% complaint ratio is considered acceptable and often seen among good senders, at it can go up to a maximum rate of 0.5%.

More than this threshold, ESP can stop your mailing account and your delivery might be hampered.

While you may not be able to achieve zero complaints, you absolutely can reduce and maintain your complaint rate at the acceptable level to increase your email deliveries.

Why is your email marketing not producing results?

Why is your email marketing not producing results?

Email marketing has the highest return of investment out of every other available marketing technique.

If your email return of investment is low it means is low, it’s more likely because no one is getting your emails or it went to their spam/junk folder.

If your emails are going into a spam/junk folder or bouncing back to you, they’ll no going to help in your marketing. Do need to disappoint since there are several ways to resolve the problem.

  • Clean your list and keep your list up to date.
  • Use a reply-to address so your customer interacts with you, using a non-reply-to address give a signal of spamming or make your email service provider think you’re sending junk emails.
  • Always segment your email lists so that each customer will receive a customized email.
    They’ll engage with your content more, which ESPs will see as a good thing.
  • And don’t forget to track your emails with an email marketing tool of your choice so that you can view reports on your campaigns for open, click-through, bounces and unsubscribers, and fix any mistakes that are lowering deliver-ability rates.

86% of organizations ranked email as their primary communication channel.
Hence, Email Verification plays an important role to protect your sender’s reputation and will ensure that your emails reach your recipient’s Inbox.

How email verification API can help?

Simple but powerful Email Validation & Verification API that will help you have lower your bounce rates.

For you to detect, and catch incorrect email addresses, you need to integrate validation APIs with your app or website.

We have two types of API to achieve different purposes as follows.


Real-time email verification API

If you want to check email IDs in real time, mostly for single IDs email address check such as check email during sign-up or while filling up a subscription form, so you can use our real-time API.

Bulk email verification API

And if you want to verify the complete list in bulk directly from your application, to avoid the unnecessary exporting and importing the data in our platform, so, you can use our bulk email verification API.

You can check your credit as well with the help of these APIs.

How to verify email address without sending email?

Steps to verify if an email exists or not

  • Syntax Check. You have to see if the email is structured correctly as a proper email e.g. local-part@domain.
    Where local-part consists of a combination of alphanumeric character (a-z, 0-9 and printable characters !#$%&’*+-/=?^_'{|}~) and dot ‘.’ provided that it is not the first or last character and provided also that it does not appear consecutively.
    The domain consists of a combination of alphanumeric character (a-z and 0-9) and hyphen ‘-‘ provided that it is not the first or last character.
  • Search with GoogleYou can do is to search for the email address online. The idea here is that you want to see whether the email address was used somewhere or listed on any website by the owner of this address. On multiple occasions, the information is a list online if the owner of the address purchased any domain with their IDs listed somewhere online.
    You can match and find the owner details such as Full name and a few other details as well online.
  • Social media lookupYou can follow the same step as you google search to check the existence of owner details on social media sites.
  • Domain Check (MX records check). You can check the MX records to check the existence of any email address, MX record is an indication of the validity of any domain’s inbox.
  • Use an email verification service like EmailVer. It will reduce you manually effort and save lots of time, you can verify your time list at once without sending any email.

What are the different tools/services for email verification?

There are multiple email verification tools available, and you can use anyone to remove bad emails from your email list.

The main feature to remove the bounces, temporary email IDs and spam traps are almost present in every email verification service, expect a few additional features are different from others.

We also compare the pricing for verification of 100k emails along with their features, so it will be easier for you to choose the best service which will fit into your budget.

1. EmailVer

EmailVer is an email verification service, based in Pune, India. A digital marketing agency providing a solution for sending emails to customers. Our customers always struggled to find a better way to verify emails to maintain their list quality. They tried even many products and solutions but were displeased with the accuracy, speed, support, and price.

Our customers always ask for the suggestion to us, but we don’t find one which can fulfill all their needs, within their budget, hence we built our in-house verification service! EmailVer.

The system reduces and eliminates invalid, abuse, inactive, catch-all, temporary, and spam trap email addresses, keeps your bounce rate under control, restores your sender reputation, and helps you land more emails in the inbox.



10x Fast Email Verification
Verify with 98%+ Accuracy
Affordable (Super-low)
Speed & Accuracy, especially for Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail email IDs
Duplication & Syntax Check
Domain Validation
Disposable Email Checker
Catch-All Domain Checker
Remove Hard Bounces
Spam-trap Removal
Anti-grey-listing Technology
Selectable Download Options
Email Verification API


EmailVer is the most economical email verification service compare to any other available service in the market.

For 100k emails verification, EmailVer will charge you $67.

2. ZeroBounce

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ZeroBounce is an email validation service. It ensures that companies sending complex and high-volume emails achieve better deliver-ability.



24/7 Customer Support
GDPR compliant
Real-time email verification API


For 100k emails verification, Zerobounce will charge you $390.

3. NeverBounce

Created by marketing industry veterans. NeverBounce reduces the bounce rates, increases reputation scores, and helps customers to strict email provider guidelines. They remove invalid and old email addresses.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2014.



Bulk Email List Cleaning
Real-Time Email Verification
Automated List Cleaning
Instant Bounce Analysis


For 100k emails verification, NeverBounce will charge you $400.

4. TheChecker

TheChecker created back in 2016, headquartered in Miami, FL. While they were building an email marketing platform, 100% focused on performance and high inbox deliverability.
They are building platforms and products with a robust and diverse team formed of curious and creative professionals who work towards a common goal i.e. make email validation affordable and straightforward.



File types Compatibility
Risk Validation
Teams Feature
Customized Exports


For 100k emails verification, TheChecker will charge you $139.

5. QuickEmailVerification

It was started in 2014 when they sent out many emails for a marketing project. A lot of them bounced back undelivered because of the email addresses weren’t valid. When they spoke to business associates and other marketers, found invalid emails was a major issue.
Hence, they build QuickEmailVerification to solve this problem.

Their goal to help customers connect with their customers.



Drag and drop verification
Complete API automation
Fast list cleaning
Multiple upload formats
Selectable download options
Auto delete old jobs


For 100k emails verification, QuickEmailVerification will charge you $320.

6. Bounceless

Based in Hawthorne, Canada. They passionate about making our customer’s life easier, by providing a very simple and friendly tool to clean, validate, and verify the email list.

Their vision is to build a powerful community around our tools and deliver great customer support for our community members.



Email List Verification
Real-time API
Validation Report


For 100k emails verification, Bounceless will charge you $299.

7. Verifalia

Verifalia is an email validation service developed by Cobisi Research company.

Cobisi Research, Headquartered in Padova, Italy, Cobisi Research is privately held and self-funded, with a global distribution network spanning every continent.



Real-time email verification
Batch email validation
Mailbox confirmation
Non-Latin alphabets verification


For 100k emails verification, Verifalia will charge you $389.

8. Xverify

Founded in 2011, based in Chicago, the city in Illinois, USA.

Xverify is an instant email verification to help marketers eliminate bounces, spam complaints to improve inbox deliverability.



Drag & Drop files
Batch Uploading


For 100k emails verification, Xverify will charge you $400.

9. Kickbox

Kickbox stared in 2014, based in Dallas, Texas.

Validate & verify your email lists within your application using their Real-Time API with the Kickbox API libraries for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby.



Real-time Email Verification API
Email List Verification


For 100k emails verification, Kickbox will charge you $800.

10. Verify-email

Verify-email stared in 2010, based in London, UK.

Verify-email tool works as SMTP Server, it connects to the recipient’s SMTP servers and simulates the sending of a message.



Format Check
Domain check
SMTP Check


For 100k emails verification, Verify-email will charge you $100.

We found one major problem in Verify-email in our test that their tool won’t able to verify the Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, or Outlook email address. It can be a major hurdle in the email verification process if you are using Verify-email.

Yahoo Email Verification Check

We will suggest to you use other alternatives such as EmailVer, which will able to verify all the email inbox provider IDs to avoid this problem.

So, what is the best tool for email address verification?

There are various options available for email verification as mentioned above.

Almost every service provider claims to be the best, but the EmailVer certainly is the top in this process because of the following reasons.

  • EmailVer uses anti-graylisting technologies, which guarantee better email verification, in this process when EmailVer encounters any greylisting from email inbox provider’s servers, we will wait for some time (15-20 min) and retry to validate those specific emails. This reduces the number of Unknowns and you will more accurate results.
  • Many providers facing problems in the verification of Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and outlook email IDs and gives you the wrong status, whereas EmailVer will verify these IDs without any problem and provide you the more accurate results.
  • EmailVer is very fast, and you can verify millions for email within few hours.
  • Most importantly our pricing is too economical compared to other service providers and one of the lowest in the market.

What is the cheapest email verifier software?

It will better you will try and compare yourself, use the following drag and drop slider to and compare the costing for different providers for different email quantity.

Email Verification Price Comparison

What are some free email verification services?

In the email verification process, you will need a good infrastructure and a good team to manage all these tasks, hence such services are not completely free of cost.

You might find some tools here and there on the internet, but trust me they are not worth it.

See the following example where this particular verification tool is not able to verify the obvious invalid emails.

Email verification incorrect result

Hence, if you want some premium service, you might need to pay for it, now the question must be how much to pay.

Well, there are multiple services available, so test, try, compare, and select any one of them. We listed a few providers along with their costing you can check and start with whichever suits your requirement.

Difference between Email Validation and Email Verification?

Our email list cleaning process is the combination of these two methods which start with the Email Validation and complete with the Email Verification.

Email validation

In this process, you will eliminate the duplicate and check the format or syntax of the email.

It involves the domain checking process too where the email address domain’s is existing one or not valid any more by checking it MX records.

It also validates the disposable or temporary account by checking those domains which are proving the email account only for a limited time.

Email validation will provide the result with the following status.

  • Duplicate
  • Syntax Error
  • Invalid domains
  • Disposable or Temporary IDs

Email verification

Email verification is a more complex process of determining whether the email address exists or not by simulating the email sending process.

Although there is no actual email sending happen in this process, it only determines if the end recipient’s inbox is valid or not.

It is done via an SMTP check to find out the inbox existence and provide the result with the following status.

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Catch-All or Accept All
  • Unknown

What are the benefits of Email verification?

Email verification will nor only help you to reduce email bounces, there are multiple other benefits as well as follows.

  1. Accuracy of your email data
  2. Increases ROI & Save money
  3. Email verification to boost deliverability
  4. Improve Sender Reputation
  5. Avoid Blacklisting
  6. Eliminate Hard Bounces
  7. Accurate campaign results
  8. Customer engagement Improvements
  9. Boots your sales with authentic & reliable database
  10. Helps you evaluate email collection methods
  11. Reduce Spam Complaints
  12. Dodge Spambots
  13. Avoid mailing to Temporary Accounts
  14. Avoid High-Risk Email Accounts
  15. Keeps your email list updated
Benefits of Email verification

What is the best email verification tool?

Email list verification will determine whether a list of an email is valid and deliverable or not.

It will help you identify every email’s status such as Valid, Invalid or Catch all, etc

On multiple occasions when users fill the optin forms of contact forms or any similar places unintentionally or by mistake may enter incorrect email ID.

So during this email IDs collection of user and list builder, your list will be filled with inaccuracy and undelivered email addresses.

So Email Verification will help you to clear your list and remove the unwanted and bounce email addresses before sending emails.

EmailVer is one of the best email verification tool or application to help you achieve this task for you.

It is one of the best and low-cost email verification service providers available in the market.

How can I verify an email address?

You can use our bulk email verification tool where you can upload your entire list and verify the emails.

If you want to verify the emails directly in your portal or own application (such CRM etc) then you can use our APIs too.

How do I know if an email is real?

Enter an email address in our single email address verification app and check-in real-time if it’s valid or not.

We will check it and let you know if it is properly formatted, unique & verify that the mailbox can receive the emails or not.

We will get a detailed response without ever sending an email.

You can check emails one by one or for the entire list with our bulk email verification.

How can you tell if an email address is still active?

Of course! Our email verification and validation tool will let you know in real-time if an email address still exists or not.

Sing up with a free account and try now.

How can I test an email without sending it?

We simulate the email sending process and determine the validity of an email address without sending any emails.
We will send an EHLO message, then awaiting the response from the recipient’s email server.

Based on the server-response will determine that the email address exists on the server or not.

How do I verify email addresses in bulk?

You can use our bulk email verification tool where you can upload your entire list and verify the emails at once.
If you want to verify the emails directly in your portal or own application (such CRM etc) then you can use our bulk verification APIs as well.

Final Thoughts

Email verification ensures your email list is up to update and cleaned and contain only valid email contacts, which helps reduce bounces, hence ultimately saving your ROI and time. It also helps to maximize the deliverability.

It helps you to establish your brand reputation and separates the low-quality database from high quality targeted leads.

With the help of email list verification, you can focus on your mailing without worrying about bounces and spam traps.

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep is a passionate and determined entrepreneur, building internet products since 2015.
He is currently leading the marketing & product management team for Goletro Technologies.


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